Plane Shifters

Amonkhet - The Trials - Part 1

First Meeting, First Trial

Five foreigners arrive separately on Amonkhet, only to be whisked into the care of the Viziers.

Drawn to each other’s alien appearance, Tili, Nyrnet, Patanjali, and Victor join together to take on the Trials, tempted by the offer of gifts and power they might receive.

[Vizier 1 name] directs them to [temple name] to be assigned a Crop. Trekking through the city, the group takes in the sights. At the temple they meet [Vizier 2 name] who assigns them to Heb Crop, a lower ranking Crop that’s short some members. Unfortunately, they must now walk all the way back.

They arrive to the Heb Crop’s training ground, where they meet the Heb Crop; [names of all the Crop members]. They also meet [Vizier 3 name] who is in charge of this Crop. The first Trial is explained to be the defence of an obelisk from the Afflicted, while a small group attempts to retrieve a fired arrow elsewhere. Everyone is in agreement that the new members will aid in defending the obelisk.

The rest of the day is spent training, then everyone turns in. Tili acquires a map of the city, Patanjali learns where to acquire alcohol, Nyrnet acquires portable water, and Victor examines some undead.

The next day, everyone meets up to start the First Trial. Positions are taken, racers are set, and the arrow is fired!

Elsewhere, unbeknownst to the foursome, Kaeriss joins her own Crop….


Ivannorr TopiaryRabbit

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