Plane Shifters

Spark Origins - Kaeriss

Taking a Dive

3pm – Earlier in the day

The Quintuple Hellfire, a Rakdos Ring, lounge in their home base. Kaeriss, Gorta, Silentdoom, and Beleth sit around shooting the shit, when their ringleader arrives and gives them their day’s assignments; cater a funeral and murder some schmuck, with a bonus if they can steal the ring of the corpse at the wake. Sounds simple enough, this could turn out to be a good day.

9pm – Present

Arrester Degan walks down the street. Suddenly a shatter, and two figures fall from a seventh story window. A blinding explosion of red sparks, and only one figure hits the ground. Curious. Looks like a new case has fallen at Degan’s feet.

His partner runs up to see all the commotion. They go up to investigate the scene, finding four more bodies and one severed hand too many; it appears to be missing a ring. Tearing the room apart, the story starts to unfold…

9pm – Five Minutes Ago

Coming back from their successful catering and murder, the Quintuplet Hellfire returns to find the door to their home base kicked in. Peeking inside, they find three figures rummaging through everything and a severed hand at the desk. The largest figure turns around, revealing a scared eyes with a white eye patch covering it. He spots the group and demands they give him the ring.

Gorta attempts to reason with him, but only gets shot in the shoulder. Beleth responds by immolating the other two figures. The eye path man again demands the ring, and attempts are made to deceive him, unsuccessfully. Eye path man reveals he svered the hand of their ringleader. Beleth runs at him and gets taken down, Silentdoom heals Gorta, then runs up quickly and heals Beleth before retreating. Kaeriss eldritch blasts eye pathc man several times, before he gets tired of all the follishness, picks up Beleth and throws her at Kaeriss, sending them both through the window and plunging to their deaths.

9:30pm – Present

Finding an itinerary for the Rakdos ring, Degan and his partner split up, Degan taking the funeral catering and his partner taking the murder.

At the dining hall, Degan questions one of the cleanup crew, who recounts the strange events of the evening.

4pm – Earlier at the Party

The ring enters the party as caterers, while Beleth enters as a guest to better steal the ring. Mostly catering occurs, but Gorta and Beleth poison some food for shits and giggles, while Kaeriss creates a mini earthquake and colours the torches a sickly green, all while successfully stealing the ring. A hasty retreat is made afterwards.

10pm – Present

Acquiring the employee list for the party, Degan discerns the caterers were members of the Rakdos ring that recently got killed. He makes his way to the planned murder site, where his partner fills him in on the details of the scene.

8pm – Time of Murder

Staking out the alley Perov Malik will assuredly walk down, the Quintuplet Hellfire sets up a trap, preparing to corner in their target. Soon he arrives with bodyguards, and the group pounces. Attacks are made, people go down, bodyguards run away covered in oil, and the target is killed. Gorta sets the alleyway ablaze on the way out, satisfied with a good days fun.

10:30pm – Present

Putting everything together, Degan surmises all these scenes are connected by a ring, but how?

Out of the shadows a voice interrupts Degan’s thoughts. “I’ll be taking over this case from here”
Out steps a man with a scar and white eye patch over his eye…


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